Sciencefair at the ΛIS

Sciencefair 2018

This year 349 students from grade 6 to 11 participated in 110 projects and 19 Rube Goldbergs. Details on their projects can be found here.

Grade 11

Lights and Phototropism by Andy, David, Sally

Camera obsura by Anna N, Mickey, Anna V

Tornado Simulator by Triet, Kristen

Cradle Ball by HL, Jerry N

Electromagnet & Application by Quan, James

Grade 10

Hybrid of Hyperloop & Maglev by Xiong, Jeff, Alpha

Best way to extract caffeine from tea by Stephanie, Katy

Energy saving house by Eunbi, Mimi, Huy

Energy efficiency by Julie, Alex, Michelle

Magnetic Levitation by Billy, Justin, Jenny N

Extinguishing Fire with Sound by Helen, Violet, Cindy

Trash to Gas: Biomass Energy by Jenny T, Jackie

Constructing a thermoelectric generator by Kevin, Mike, Hung

Legitimacy of Metal-Air battery by Rose, Jamie, Alice

Denaturing Proteins by Emily, Minh, Phat

Probiotics supplement against diseases by Rachel, Khanh

Creating Bio-ethanol From Waste by Khoa, Alexis

Convert sound to electric energy by Yumi, Thanh, Quan

Water filtration using destillation by Jake, Long Nam

Laminar Flow by Gizzie, Katy

Plastic landfill effect on plant growth by Meg, My

Factors that affect sound insulations by Catherine, Peter, Natalie

Water Filtration By Carbon by Duy, Fritz

Greenhouse gases with environment by Audrey, Hanh, Kim Nguyen

The rising of water by Annie, Min, Jenni

Illumination durations of colors by Dung, Lisa

Ground Effect Aircraft by Ridley, Steve, Long Vu

The potential of solar energy by Bao, Tex, Jake

Water Turbine by Thang, Junghoon

Influences on water evaporation by Huy, Andy

Sound level & Concentration by Peter, Mia, Kim Ngo

Converting sound to electrical energy by Kiet, Allie N, Mike T

How can we generate energy from organic substances? by David, Sammy, Hieu

Improving Roller Coaster Safety by Naomi, Bill, Annie T.

Using a battery to make a drawing robot by Allie Le, Jessica Luu, Jessica Phan

How can we use water to power a fan? by Phuc, Peter.H, Annie L

Energy Content of Food by Eric Nguyen, An Vo

Grade 09

Effect of Smoking on Lungs by Sunny

How Acid Rain Affects Aquatic Life by Nemo, Derrick, Hannah

Thermoelectric Materials by Linus, Rita, Andi

How Diet Affects an Organism's Growth by Mike T., Daniel, Elsa

Converting Kinetic Bicycle Energy to Electrical Energy by Olivia, Tiffany Tran, Hayley

Which Water Filter Works Best? by Laura, Anna, Krystal

Sugar and Plants by Mymy T., Quyen N., Anne N.

Grade 08

Rube Goldberg 01 by Jack-Holly-Naomi-Uyen

Rube Goldberg 02 by Tyler-Daisy-Bambi-Riley

Rube Goldberg 03 by Michael-An-Ben D-Crystal

Rube Goldberg 04 by Jason-Ben K-Tommy-Dat

Rube Goldberg 05 by Bon-Mac-Luna-Vy

Rube Goldberg 06 by Kenny-Jonathan-Brad-Christine

Rube Goldberg 07 by Diana-Khanh-Jessica-Nhi

Rube Goldberg 08 by David-Grant-SK-Henry

Rube Goldberg 09 by Melanie-Julie-Katrina-Jannie

Rube Goldberg 10 by John-Johnny-Dai

Rube Goldberg 11 by Harry-John-Ben K-James

Rube Goldberg 12 by Victoria-Doll-Nick-Agassi

Rube Goldberg 13 by Minh Tu-Chloe-Kristina-Reinie

Rube Goldberg 14 by Peter-Sammy-Nu-Bobby

Rube Goldberg 15 by Miki-Thanh-Mark-Sam

Rube Goldberg 16 by Tony-Nhat Ha-Kijae-Johnny L

Rube Goldberg 17 by Mike-Khoi-Bob-Dashka

Rube Goldberg 18 by Jenny-Ngan-Helen V

Rube Goldberg 19 by Nghi-Mai-Helen P

Grade 07

Effects of Different Liquids on Pea Growth by Bella, Vicky, Julie

Which Dung Creates the Most Biogas? by Dang, Phuc, Harry T

Salt Water Energy by Hung, Thai

Fruit Electricity by Jacky, Phillip Le, Henry L

Blood Clotting & Essential Oils by Julia & Katie

Erosion Prevention by Minnie, Nghi

Redeisgning Air Purification Masks by Peter, Bob, Harry

Air Pollution & Attendance by Thy, Jessica, Nicole

The Upcycled Electric Bicycle by Kenny, Luke

Hand-Made Air Purification System by Annie, Tina

Falling Water Watermill by Benny, Charlie, Simon

Effects of Plants on Air Pollution by Bruce, Phillip, Trinh

Gender Equality Over Generations by Cindy, Kylie

Different Liquids and Plant Height by Jessica T, Han, Dong

Redesigning Rainwater Purification by James

Removing Trash from Our Oceans by Marky, Henry Shih, Sean

The Affordable Waste Composter by Tony, Minh N, Danny

Finding the Best Solar Oven Design by Kea, Linh, Andy

Water Quality and Seed Germination by Molly, Nancy

Calories in Food by Ben H, Troy, Tony

Turning Food Waste into Fertilizer by Max, Minh P

Anti-Plastic Bag Campaign by Connie, Jenny L

BMI & Fitness by Vinh D, Tim

Trash Powered Electricity Generator by Chip, Vinh P

Plant Growth: Soil and Cotton by Nathan, Ben T, Jack

Vertical Gardening by Maria, Jenny P.

Water Filtration by Henry N, John T, Jason

Trash-Eating Worms by Sue, Denise, Hannah

Alternative Waste System by Bean, Nick, Minh H

Speeding Up Green Onion Growth by Ellie, Victoria, Olivia

Improving Water Quality by Tom D, Steven, Kenny N

Comparing Water Filters by Kevin, Tan, Tom L

Grade 06

Developing Organic Fertilizers by Jeff-Ben

Cleaning up Oil Spills by Han-Lisa-Annie

Engineering Homemade Water Filters by Vy-Rashi-Jasey

Developing Soil Hydration in Plant Growth by Jackson-Dang-Bin

Exploring Mouthwash Effectiveness by Quan-Junesang

Proving the 5-Second Rule by Paul-Cuong-Jack P

Effects of Light on Succulent Plant Growth by Anh Minh- Danny

Effects of Wastewater on Flower Growth by Theodore-Martin-Randy

Effects of Pollution on Water Ecosystems by Khanh-Johnny

Monitoring the effects of Soil Erosion by Henry-Isaac-Tony

Effects of Ph on Dissolving Plastics by Lynn-Kim-Lily

Water Conservation in Plant Growth by Eve-Isabella

Relative Efffects of Ph on Mung Beans by Myan-Nhu

Monitoring C02 Emissions by Elsa

Effects of Water Temperature on Houseplants by Andy

Comparing Voltage of Fruit Batteries by Anh

Monitoring CO2 Emissions from Vehicles by Emily-Stephanie-Monique

Engineering Hydro-gels by Hannah P-Chelsea-Sarah

Monitoring Decompostion of Foods by Hannah L-Julie-Shirley

Effects of Wastewater on Green Beans by Nancy

Monitoring the Absorbtion of Sound by Harry-Max-Minh

Measuring Salinty of Local Rivers by Jack L

Testing Water Quality of Water Filters by Tony- Eric-Michael

Minimizing the Impact of Oil Spills by Phuc

Efficency of Plastic Water Turbines by Chloe-Sean-Anna

Effects of Ph on Algal Growth by Kirsten-Katty-Jennifer

Effects of Salinity on Plant Growth by Sharnia-Molly

Engineering Organic Fertilizers by Ben-Nick

Engneering Air-Filters by Jenny-Josie

Solar Powered Water Desalination by Selina-Anh Duong

Effects of Air-Conditioning on Plant Growth by Andy- Jack H

Investigating Climate Change by Huy-Harry-John

Plants Vs Soil by Owen-Sam-James

Solar Panels vs Batteries by Chuong-Andy T-Hai

General Information

The projects were based on the 17 Global Goals for Sustainibility - link - video - and internal rubrick of AIS - link and judged by - rubric link to follow ...

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